We speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves

We advocate for systemic change AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT

As a survivor-led organization, we are a provincially and nationally recognized leader in anti-human trafficking work, serving as a trusted advisor to all levels of government and advocating for systemic change. We exist to change the landscape of sex trafficking in Canada until it ceases to exist and we start by speaking up on behalf of victims and advocating for change in the lives of individuals.

Self Advocate

On the individual level, BridgeNorth advocates for survivors to get the help and services they need. 

Take Action

You can help end sex trafficking in Canada by taking action. Writing to your members of Parliament is easy with our sister organization’s built-in template. Raise your voice with the click of a button.

Our Achievements

BridgeNorth is committed to action. Under Casandra Diamond’s leadership, BridgeNorth has achieved many advocacy successes. There is still much to accomplish, but we are honoured to share our “wins” thus far.