“If sharing my story means that one more girl has a chance at freedom, then it’s worth it for me.”

Exit Services

The participants of our program are individuals at various stages of exiting the sex industry. Many are still actively exploited and/or trafficked. Our Founder and Executive Director, Casandra Diamond, is a survivor of sex trafficking and draws on her personal experience as well as formal training in victim services to assist others in exiting and staying out of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Casandra connects with participants to assist them in breaking free from their perpetrators, exit the industry, and access the necessary resources for their journey of healing from the emotional, physical, and psychological trauma of abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

When you can’t see a way out, we do.

We believe that meaningful and lasting change is possible in the lives of individuals, yet also recognize and understand the difficulties in exiting sex trafficking. We are patient. 

We offer extensive, wrap-around services on a continuum of Crisis – Stabilization – Transition – Re-Integration. We know that the exit process is often cyclical and that you may need to receive our support at any point of this cycle. We also know the cycle may repeat, and so we offer comprehensive support at any stage of the exit cycle. Our program is built around individualized care programming that addresses the specific needs of each participant, at any stage of the continuum.  



You will receive customized support that directly meets your needs. For example, strong legal support is often a necessity for individuals leaving sex trafficking. BridgeNorth provides access to exceptional legal services for women and girls so that they are aware of their human and legal rights and are not burdened by criminal records. This creates the opportunity for lives to be rebuilt and personal life goals to be achieved. 

Families are also deeply affected by trafficking. When a woman or girl wants or chooses to be reunited with their family of origin, BridgeNorth facilitates an exit strategy. This restores trusted relationships, decreases social and community isolation, and reduces rates of recidivism so that exit goals can be met with the help and integrated support of loved ones.  

BridgeNorth is regarded as one of the best Exit Strategists in Canada. Our team has the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully exit sexually exploited persons from their traffickers and help them stay out for good. 

If you need help or would like more information on our exit services, please call the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline or fill out the form below.