Our Care Program

We value people and have a heart for the exploited. At BridgeNorth, our direct programming is one of the core areas of our work. We are honoured to provide care and support to individuals impacted by sex trafficking, along with access to services that meet the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each participant. We are led by survivors for survivors, and many of our team members have lived through a similar experience as those we seek to serve.


You are stronger than you think. 

  • We walk alongside you on the road to exit and stay out of sex trafficking.
  • We provide one-on-one peer mentorship for victims and survivors, recognizing that healing and exiting is a complicated process.
  • We support you in developing your own unique, individual plan for stability.


We help individuals believe in themselves again with the type of support that can only be provided by a peer mentor, and we provide survivor-led peer mentoring and programs for women and girls using multi-faceted, strength-based, trauma-informed care. We apply lived experience and direct knowledge to provide comprehensive care to exploited and trafficked persons through prevention strategies, exit strategies, and safety planning.


Our trained peer mentors:

  • are persons with lived experience who have exited sex trafficking and understand your struggles. 
  • build relationships with women and girls to help keep you/them from being trafficked in the first place, or to leave it forever.
  • create a safe refuge for you in a loving and accepting community.
  • will connect you to local resources and support so you can take the next steps, when you’re ready.


Access to services

Services provided directly by BrideNorth or through our many community social sector partnerships include:

Housing Support

Addiction Care & Counseling

Food Support

Mental Health Care & Counseling

Medical Support

Physical Health Support

Legal Support

Job Readiness Support

Career Planning

Parenting Support

Education Support

Clothing Support

Life Skills Support, Care, & Counseling

Trauma Support, Care, & Counseling

If you would like more information on our Care Program, please call us or contact us using the form below.