Public Education: Training

When we know better, we do better. We know that sex trafficking is extremely harmful and we also know that education is key in preventing sex trafficking. 

We’re proud to offer training for both the public and professionals to recognize, prevent, and address sex trafficking. We provide small and large group training, both in-person and online via video conference. Workshops are provided in two-hour, half-day, and full-day formats, and are led on a cost-recovery basis. 

Who We Train

Our key training audiences are:  

  • Public and private school educators and administrators
  • Parents and legal guardians
  • Social sector agency leaders including social workers and social service workers
  • Frontline medical professionals, including emergency room staff, doctors, nurses, and general physicians
  • Mental health professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, youth mental health workers, and substance use counsellors
  • Faith groups

Training topics include:

  • Survivor Testimony
  • Human Trafficking 101 & What You Can Do
  • Prostitution in Canada: Facts and Figures
  • Internet Safety
  • Pornography’s Link to Human Trafficking
If you’re interested in our educational training programs, please contact us by emailing or filling out the form below.